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What’s the Difference Between Vaping And E-Cigarettes?

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The Facts:

E-cigarette, or vaping, products can be used to deliver flavoured nicotine and cannabis in the form of THC distillate, and CBD isolate/distillate

They are known by many different names and come in many shapes, sizes and device types.


  • E-cigs


  • Vapes


  • Vape pens, dab pens, and dab rigs


  • Tanks


  • Mods


  • Pod-Mods


  • Electronic nicotine delivery systems

Vapourizers and Vape Pens vs E-cigarettes:

When you think of vaping, it probably conjures up images of vape pens, electronic cigarettes and a lot of vapour.

However, what else do you know?


Vapourizers can sometimes be indistinguishable from e-cigarettes, but they usually use tanks instead of cartridges to carry the e-juice. Vaporizers are larger and have longer battery life. They also have various flavours available for their e-juice delivery systems. Vapourizers often have buttons that require pressing.


Vape Pens:

Alternatively, the vape pen is a popular device composed of a rechargeable battery and sometimes has a refillable tank. Vape pens usually have a limited capacity holding tank and are disposable after they are empty.



An electronic cigarette or e-cigarette is a battery-operated device, usually shaped like a traditional cigarette, designed to give off vapours that can be inhaled. Its battery is attached to the atomizer, which contains a heating element. A cartridge contains nicotine, e-liquids and other flavourings. The cartridges need to be replaced when they are empty. The battery powers the atomizer to turn the e-juice or e-liquid to vapour. E-cigs have a limited battery life due to their small size. They come in many flavours. E-cigarettes generally are automatic with no push buttons.



Is Dabbing the same as Vaping?

Dabbing and vaping give cannabis users new, healthier ways of consuming cannabis. These options provide you with the option of vaporizing cannabis concentrates and inhaling heated vapour from the marijuana flower.  Dabbing is a kind of vaporizing. Both of these are forms of ingesting cannabis extracts by using vapour.


Dab rigs vs vape pens:

Dabbing uses a dab rig to vaporize marijuana concentrates such as shatter, crumble, wax, etc.

With a vape pen, the materials heat at a temperature even lower than the temperatures used during dabbing combustion, producing a vapour which the user will inhale.

Inhaling vapour is less irritating and harsh to the lungs and nose. Vapour also does not leave traces of a pungent odour that sticks to fabrics and other surfaces.


What’s the difference?

The heating mechanisms spell out a huge difference between a dab rig and a vape pen.

The user heats a titanium, ceramic, or quartz nail when using a dab rig, which is usually a bong with a nail rather than a bowl. The concentrate is dabbed into it, and the user inhales the vapour produced in the rig’s mouthpiece.


Dab rig


When it comes to vaping, the electric heating coil inside the vape pen chamber heats the air instead of the oil. What results from this is a clean and inhalable vapour. Generally speaking, the vape pen remains convenient and portable.


Valkyrie Extractions ceramic tipped vape pen.


Do electronics and vape pens necessarily have tobacco? Vaping devices run on batteries. The aerosol also contains flavourings and other chemicals. These vaping devices often look like traditional tobacco cigarettes, pipes, or cigars. Some may look like everyday items, such as USB memory sticks and pens.


Valkyrie Extractions lit pod vape pen.


There are specific parameters you can follow to make sure that your vaping is safe. These include not using THC-containing e-cigarettes or other vaping devices. Avoid turning to informal sources like friends, family, colleagues, or online dealers when obtaining vaping devices. Only deal with a highly reputable source. It’s safer for you if you do not modify or add any substances to the vaping device without the manufacturer’s advice. Always make sure to leave the safety features of the vaping device intact. Don’t try to disable or remove them from the device.



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