Grape Ape (Hybrid) Vape Pen


Premium Disposable Rechargeable Vape Pen

Extracted from the legendary grape ape strain, this indica dominant cannabis vape juice has all the notes you’d expect from this amazing strain, with none of the smoke. This hybrid is known to help people relieve stress, anxiety, improve mood, as well as help with sleep and pain.

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Each of our unique flavours is made of premium quality THC distillate extracted from top grade sativa, indica, and hybrid cannabis cultivars and then infused with all natural flavourings that mimic the tastes and aromas of many of your favourite treats.

Our vape pens are able to charge quickly and easily with the convenience of a USB-Micro port (wire not included).

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For order above 100 units please contact us for pricing and ordering options. Use our contact form to get a hold of us.
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Ceramic White Tip, Lit Pod

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