Bubble Gum Bricks 1000mg THC distillate


The bad news…you can put them in your mouth and chew them but you can’t blow bubbles with this candy.

The good news…our THC distillate infused chewy gummy candy filled with a soft and creamy bubble gum center will make you pucker and drool leaving you wanting more, more, more.

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Product consistency is fundamental to building and maintaining any successful brand.

The cannabis plant, by nature, possesses inconsistent and unpredictable qualities. Depending on strains, and the evolution within strains, the plant’s taste, smell and THC/CBD potency may vary greatly. These inconsistencies will inevitably flow into any end product.

In order to produce a consistent product, the THC and CBD cannabinoids must be isolated and separated from the other cannabis components and then if desired later infused into the product.

By using the process of distillation, this is possible.

From the Okanagan to the Fraser Valley to Vancouver Island…for our newest 12 flavours of Valkyrie Extractions 1000mg THC gummies we choose the finest Indica and Sativa cannabis strains and through the extraction process of cannabis distillation, separate the THC and CBD cannabinoids as well as the terpenes.

The THC is further separated into delta-8 distillate and delta-9 distillate.

It’s the delta-9 distillate extracted from these Indica and Sativa cannabis strains that we are after for our newest gummies.

Enter our newest 12 flavours of Valkyrie Extractions 1000mg THC gummies available in Indica and Sativa…

Title Packs Price Per Pack
1000mg Gummy Bulk Discount 1 - 4 $20.00
1000mg Gummy Bulk Discount 5 - 24 $16.00
1000mg Gummy Bulk Discount 25 - 49 $14.00
1000mg Gummy Bulk Discount 50 - 99 $12.00
1000mg Gummy Bulk Discount 100 - 499 $10.00
1000mg Gummy Bulk Discount 500 - 2499 $9.00
1000mg Gummy Bulk Discount 2500 + $8.00
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Additional information


Indica, Sativa

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