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Green Dragon (Cannabis-Infused Liquor) Recipe

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These are fancy words for heating up marijuana and alcohol at a low temperature to make an infusion. Nitrous oxide forces THC into the alcohol and voila… weed vodka 🙂
More formally known as Green Dragon
Servings: 6-10


alcohol (I recommend vodka)

I recommend using 3.5 grams of cannabis per 750 milliliters of alcohol. This dosage is to ensure the effects without too much of either one.


1 one-liter heat-tolerant whipped cream whipper
2 nitrous oxide chargers
1 double boiler large enough to accommodate the whipper contents
1 Pyrex measuring glass
small metal strainer


1. Measure out the alcohol. Pour 250 milliliters (1/3 of a normal 750-ml bottle) Pour the alcohol into the whipper. Add the cannabis into the whipper. Bartender’s Tip: If you use 1/3 of a bottle of vodka, then weigh out 1/3 of an eighth of cannabis (1.16 grams).

2. Attach the nitrous charger to the whipper and then release the gas. Unscrew the charger and attach the second charge and release the gas again. After you charge it the second time, let it sit for a minute or two and then open it up.

3. Next, begin the wet decarb process. Take out your double boiler. You will be heating up the infused alcohol in a delicate matter, which will activate the THC. Heat the water in the lower part of the double boiler to around 200 degrees. Then pour the infused alcohol into the top of the double boiler. You will see the liquid is really green. At this point, even though the flavor is in the alcohol, the active THC is not.

Note: You are heating it to a level that activates the THC but with no combustion happening. There’s no ash and no way to make carcinogens. That’s what makes this a great way to consume the medicine.

Simmer the alcohol at this temperature in the top of the double boiler for about 45 minutes. It will reduce a bit, so you will add virgin spirit of whatever volume is lost in order to bring to the original volume to accurately reflect dosage. Alternatively, a strong tincture can be made by reducing the liquid down to an extremely low volume—50 ml or so—and placing it in a glass dropper bottle. This tincture can be used sublingually (under your tongue) in very small doses to medicate. Always test medicine with a drop at a time and wait for reaction time to develop.

5. Next, remove the pot from heat and set aside. Using your glass-measuring cup, put your small metal strainer on top. Then set some cheesecloth into the strainer. Pour your de-carbed cannabis liquid into the glass-measuring cup. This allows you to strain out the leftover cannabis. After straining, add enough of the virgin spirit to bring it back to the original volume (250 ml).


All Set…

Use Green Dragon, as a substitute for the base spirit in your favorite cocktail. You will be amazed at the amount of flavor that comes across and how it takes the edge off the alcohol.

Please enjoy responsibly!



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